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The INFINITILES Magnet Tiles is designed for hours of open-ended and creative play.
They are great for children, ages three years old and up.
Comes in different shapes that can be combined into any 3D geometrical shape or object your child can think of.
They are extremely durable, build the logic centers of the brain, and are easily used for educational purposes.

Kids can build their scientific & mathematical thinking skills through play. 
Made of high-quality ABS plastic and built with round edges which are safer for children to play.

INFINITILES comes in 2 different sets: 56-pieces set and 108-piece set.

Product Specification:

  • Food Grade and Non-Toxic ABS Plastic
  • Reinforced Rivets
  • IMPROVED Stronger and Bigger Magnets
  • NEW Beveled Design to lessen the scratches on the surface

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